Monday, December 29

VastuSastra !!!

VastuSastra - Its an old scientific technique used for architecture and construction.

It is believed that without human interference the Five elements - Earth Fire Water Sky and Air are in perfect harmony with each other. But with human infiltration and construction the balance gets changed.Vastusastra is the science which deals with restoring the balance of the five elements even if some external factor is working on it.

Few handy tips :

1. Prefer a east / north facing plot over a south / west facing one.

2. Prefer a plot of rectangular shape with the north - south side longer than the east - west side.

3. The ratio of north - south side to that of the east - west side should not be more than 2.0

4. If the plot is not a perfect rectangular then go for a plot with north - east side projected. Other projections are not allowed.

5. If a plot has no right angled corners , Prefer a Goumukha plot (plot whose entrance is small and the size increase as u enter the plot) for residential purpose and Singhmukha (just the opposite of Goumukha, with wider entrance and narrower inside) for business purpose.

6. The slope of the plot should be always towards north-east corner i.e. high on south-west corner and height should decrease towards north-east corner.

7. A plot with 2 sides with road is a good plot and a plot with 3 sides road is a very good plot.

8. The entrance of the house should be towards north and east. If north east corner cannot be made as entrance , then south east or north west should be chosen, but never south west.

9. For smaller plots preference for direction should be ENWS (east, north, west , south) . But for bigger plots the preference of direction should be NEWS. i.e. for a smaller plot if north - east cannot be a entrance then the next preference should be given to south - east corner than to north - west and vice-versa for bigger plots.

10. Swastik , Om , Rangoli should be present at the entrance , they are said to get rid of the evil entering the house.

11. Kuldevata , Pratiharis well dressed and decorated ,picture of Cow with calf well fed and decorated with flower garlands should be present near main entrance.

12. There should be a puja room in every house. The ideal location is the north - east corner of the building or north- east corner of any room.

13. Clock should never be placed on southern wall.

14. pictures of ancestors should be placed on south - western walls.

15. South - west side should be preferred for bedrooms.

16. ideal place for master bedroom is south - west corner.

17. north - west , south - east corner should never have master bedroom. north - west corner is for guest-bedrooms south - east is for heating equipments and kitchen.

18. north - west corners of the building / individual rooms are ideal location for toilets.

19. north - east side is for entrance, it should be devoid of all kinds of clutter, toilets, heating devices and electrical devices.

20. person cooking the food in the kitchen and person offering puja should face the east / north direction.

21. Heavy furniture should be placed in the south west corner.

22. Bed should be placed in such a way that while sleeping one should sleep with head towards South or East.

23. the south - west corner should be closed , with no openings at all.

24. north - east is the water element , should be left open(hence good for entrance).

25. South - east is fire element , hence the kitchen.

26. South - west is Earth element , so no heating device or clutters or toilets. Earth element is for strength , so master bedroom should be there giving strength to the relationship between the husband and wife

27. center of any building is for Space / Sky element . it gives emotional balance if left open or maintained less clumsy.

28. north and east have air element,so should have maximum openings (windows, balconies) opening to the two directions.

29. Kitchen should be designed according to one's use, keeping in mind the 3 basic functions we perform in kitchen - Storage, Cooking, Washing.

30. The floor of kitchen should be hard and strong, should not be slippery. It should have marble or Kotah stone but not tiles.

Due to space crunch and increase in the real estate value Vastusastra also gives u certain reliefs.Its not always necessary to have the full house according to vastu , but make sure every room should be vastu complaint.

The year that was - 2008 !!!

a fair share of good happy moments with a unfair share of harsh truth...this is 2008 for me...

every year the Manorama year book lists a series of events for the year....
this time i will list my year book here....

Jan 2008 -
Return trip from Ooty, wonderful memories with some small moments of outburst of anger....
Lots of money spent on Credit card bills- thanks to my b'day ^_^.
Nagarjuna Sagar Dam visit with Shrubbu's family (in laws).

Feb 2008 -
Sumi's marriage which i was not able to attend and regret till today...
Visited home after 8 months or so....was getting desperate but finally..Was my 1st holiday from Oracle, since i joined in 07.
A great trip to Ghatagaon Tarini Mandir with family... truly unwinding from my tiring 8 months work...
Samy's birthday

Mar 2008 -
Wishes to Mom-Dad on 26Th Marriage Anniversary... both kids couldn't make for it... but wishes are always there.....
KK's show in Infy and my revisit...
Holi celebrated with friends , roomies and roomie's parents

Apr 2008 -
Pondichery trip with roomies and roomie's parents....great place... though tough for pure vegetarians like me -_^.
Priyank's n Reena's marriage , my excuse for Delhi visit ..had a great time with my sis.
completed my new yr resolution of visiting Amritsar and paying my regards there.
April also saw Papa's visit to Hyderabad....

May 2008 -
Kept my profile low for the summers in Hyd are really really hot
Shrubbu's birthday

June 2008 -
2ND visit to home for the year...was so happy i could make it...

July 2008 -
Dad's birthday.... May God blesses you with lots of happiness
My first blog
Go+ Training in ICRISAT... bumped into some wonderful people....

Aug 2008 -
Mom's birthday..Sumi's first attempt in baking a cake for mom...

Sept 2008 -
3rd visit to home for Dusshera....had a great time with family was after yearssssssssss we all were there for the Bhai Juntia and Durga Asthami

Oct 2008 -
Had a wonderful get-together with college gang in Mysore, revisited Infy Mysore and spent a day in there... ahhh... i love the place the people the feeling ..
Celebrated Diwali with roomies and roomie's parents ...
also my First outing from Oracle ^_^ .
Got my first Promotion too .........cheeseeeeeeeeee

Nov 2008 -
Faced the very truth of our existence in an never ever imagined way....
Memories Harsh to remember, Hard to Forget, Pricks the heart, yet Resist to cry lest the tears would wash the memories away....

Dec 2008 -
Frightened to move away from 2008 , not ready to move to 2009 and beyond...
But Time stops for NONE.....
My first attempt in a blogging contest...
Christmas and New year decorations and celebrations at office and neighbour's home ^_^.
Nidhi's, Udit's and Uncle's birthday ..happy birthday to them....
31st night at a friends place with good food and friends...

and Wishes for a Peaceful new year

Tuesday, December 23

Soft Skill Training Takeaway !!!

In the last few days I have attended two soft skills trainings - Assertiveness Skills and Interpersonal Skills.
I would like to give a brief summary of the sessions in a combined form - my learnings and my take away points from them.

To start with a few self assessment handouts were given which were really helpful to know the Self; our Working Style, our Social Style - our willingness / reluctance to a given situation, the Personal Audit - verbal and written communication styles and our preference.I learnt which quadrant I fall into in the Johari Window and the combination of Responsiveness and Assertiveness I possess.

There were lots of role-plays with different real life scenarios and following them were discussions with the other participants present.This helped in knowing the different perspectives of different people.
We even got to see the clippings from the movie "Happy Gilmore" ; how being passive and aggressive never turns out to be beneficial to the self and the people around and how when changed, assertiveness helps to make the same situation suitable and favorable to all.

Learnt about the 3V's (Vocal, Visual and Verbal) of communication.

The other important part of the sessions were about building relations, working with team and feedbacks (giving and receiving).

These were the Key points for self assessment and the areas to work with, rest being just theory.

What do we mean by Interpersonal Skills?
The skills we need to deal with different persons.

Why do we need interpersonal skills ?
for effective communication - listening and probing.
for working well in groups maintaining a healthy working environment.
should be easy in giving and taking feedbacks.

Benefits of learning the skills?
Helps in personal and professional fronts.
Share work , work in teams comfortably.
helps to know about other persons' nature of working.

Different types of people
Passive ,

Define Assertiveness .
Definition from our group after a discussion - Putting across your point in an acceptable and factual manner by also listening to the other person and being responsive and not reactive.
Definition given by trainer - assertiveness is standing up for yourself in a way that doesn't violate the rights of the other person. Its a direct, honest and appropriate expression of your feelings and opinions.It is a Win Win situation for both.

How to Say "NO"?
Say a genuine no, don't cook up , don't walk around the point, approach it directly.
Say a reasoned NO or say a Rain checked/ Postponed NO.Types of communication.
External / Internal.
Formal / Informal.
Written / Oral - Verbal , Vocal and Visual

Verbal Communication - Through words and languages.
Visual Communication - Postures, Gestures, Movement, Facial Expressions, Eye Contact.
Vocal Communication - Voice Amplification, Tempo, Emphasis, Pitch, Tone,Pause and Silence.

Communication Techniques.

KISS - Keep it simple and short.

3T - Tell them what you will tell (give a hint of the message like a subject line) Tell them (Give the information) Tell them what you told ( repeat it, give importance to key points, summarize/ paraphrase, get a feedback through Q&A)

EDGE - Express emotions, Describe Situation, Give Consequences, Express Actions.

Effective Communication -
Effective communication is always a two way communication happening between sender and receiver through a common shared space.

Sender (with a intended thought) --> sends information/ shares thoughts by verbal or non-verbal communication techniques to --> Recipient (receives a thought) --> analyzes and sends a feedback to the sender for clarification --> sender clarifies.

Probing techniques.
Open ended questions.
Close ended questions.

How to give a feedback?
don't be judgmental while giving feedback.
Listen carefully for some concern.
Try to be empathetic.
Analise / Check for correct opinion.
And then give a Sandwich feedback - Good/Positive feedback followed by Negative points/Points to work upon and concluding with good points again for motivation.

Different Styles of Working.
Responsive Style ( Helps you decide the right and wrong) - Amicable and Analytical

Assertive Style (Helps you speak out right and wrong) - Driver and Expressive.

Tuesday, December 2

Marketing !!!

Whom can we say a good marketing professional....
One who believes in his product and then presents it to the customer or one who just concentrates on selling the product and markets it according to the customer needs....
Do we have to believe in something to make someone else believe it... or its just how we convince...
Is not believing in a thought or product that we are selling ethically wrong... should we feel morally bad about it...
or its like you are giving words to what the other person just wants to listen....

When it comes to products and goods we might decide whats just right or how we are (practical or emotional), but when it comes to selling ideas , or when someone asks for should we give the ideas to the person ..the way he /she is looking for or the way we feel like....

Monday, December 1

6th Sense !!!

Do you believe that apart from the 5 senses of Sight, Smell, Sound, Taste and Touch we have a 6Th sense also.... ?
I too wonder many a times.. if its true that we possess a 6Th sense or its just a co-incidence that we mistake as a sense...

When i was doing my engineering and was in my hostel for studies my ma and papa used to visit me every Saturday/Sunday and used to bring me home made food or snacks items for the week...
I didn't have a cell phone then and the hostel land line (for incoming only) used to be busy all the time (thanks to the love birds); but on those days when i felt like having something however common or however weird i used to find it in the box mom used to send me...
How did she knew it....

After my 10Th board exams and 12Th Board exams on the very day of results my sis used to tell Mom my exact percentage before we could put on the net on search my results...
How did she used to know it....

I my hostel my room was at such a place where the Common Land Phone's ring was audible... and the moments i used to feel that it should be a call from my Home.. i used to say the guard shout "Priyanka Panda Phone"....
How did i knew that....

Once during my engg days i had a dream about one of the guards dying of a heart attack... and the same night my friend saw a similar dream about the same hostel guard... and in the morning she got a news of her father admitted in hospital with his first stroke....
Doesnt it sound uncanny...

When my Nanaji expired me and my mom were sick for the whole night..
it was something uncanny about the situation....
how did we felt that....

When my Bade Mamaji passed away in the morning why had i dreamt of a beautiful path full of colours and fragrances feeling like paradise/heaven and me accompanying him until a guard came and didn't let me in saying "your time has not yet come"....
I could not make any analysis of the dream till i heard the news of his heart attack....
What would i term that....

then my recent experience....
for the past few days until 14Th Nov a thought came to my mind.. when did i feel crying for someones death.. ans too came.. 1st my pet's death and then my uncle's... but the thought never left me ...even if i tried a lot not to think in the just came back to me every now and then and on 14Th Nov the children's day the youngest and cutest child of our family left us all in a tragic accident...
Was my 6Th sense making me mentally prepared for some incident...
How would i believe that...

and the most recently....
i saw a dream of getting an sudden unplanned foreign trip to my other office such that my dates for my trip planned with family was coinciding....and i saw myself very depressed and clueless...
the very evening nothing happened to me but my roomie returned from office and told of her sudden plans to client location when she was supposed to go home... and she was very fed up of saying NO to her boss....

Friday, November 28

The New Year of 2009

It was the afternoon on 28th Dec 2007.
I was hastily doing my work to finish up things early, actually as early as possible. It was a day for me to start my trip with 4 of my friends for welcoming the new year of 2008 in the lap of Nilgiris in the small cozy town of Ooty.
Spine chilling cold , freezing winds, excitement and enthusiasm was what we had anticipated during the full journey.

We started from Hyderabad by train reached Bangalore early in the morning, a quick breakfast and we headed for Mysore in our previously booked vehicle, stayed overnight at Mysore, visited the Chamundi hills to see the sun set in the horizon
and the twinkling lights of the city of Mysore below us after dusk.
Next day early morning we were all set to start for Ooty when we faced a flat tyre , but it was fixed in no time , and me and Samy swallowed one Stugil each to keep away the nauseatic feeling we might get while taking the hair pin bends on the way to Ooty.

WOW !!!
The route was mesmerising , chilly and warm at the same time, and at 4.00 pm we reached our destination after a short halt at the Piakara waterfalls where we grabbed a quick meal and relaxed for a while. Next morning when we went around Ooty seeing places we started with Dodebeta peak (the highest peak of the Nilgiris) and felt like staying there for eternity.

As night came and the silence of the valley prevalent than the noise of the vehicles which we are so used to (thanks to us all the city dwellers) and the jewelled sky shining brightly , beautifully and proudly made our lips curved upwards. I had not seen such a beautiful star studded sky after i had left my small town for my job.
It suddenly felt at home, reminding me of my old days of staying awake late in the night and gazing at stars and dreaming with eyes wide open...

And now (fingers crossed) its time to get the feeling the of 'Dezavu' when we take the same route visiting the same places...
Its the time when I can relive my dream of gazing the clear sky with tiny bulbs of God set on for welcoming the New Year 2009 while i will be huddled up in my sleeping bag in my cozy tent presented by 'Wildcraft' for my beautiful creation "The New Year of 2009" ; when i complete the 7 days trek from 'Bangalore to Ooty to Bangalore' , the 919 km fully covered by the 'Radio Indigo 91.9 FM' and 'Time Out Bengaluru', with 40 fellow trekkers on their bikes (bicycles) who are the 11 years old to the 50 years young, who are the city dwellers just like me , who come from small villages with big achievements, from big cities with sexy bikes, from the medicine specialists-docs to the documentary specialists-photographers, who will be well fed by the 'Nilgiris 1905', taken care round the clock by the team from 'Manipal Hospital', with special doctors for their bikes too by 'Wheel Sports'.

And then I will be back home with the best ever New Year gift a sweet memory of the trip Courtesy my 'Canon 550A' and 'Flaunge'.

This was for a blogger's contest for
other entries were (total 15 entries but the posts on public are here)
and finally the winner's blogs are...

Friday, November 14

Being Moneyminded !!!

Is it morally wrong to be money minded ??
Is it wrong to say i have changed my company or looking for oppurtunity as i am loking for more money ??
Is it really that bad to think of more money ?? to have plans and ideas of prospering !!
Is it really a topic which is still considered a Taboo to speak on ??
Do people judge you wrong when u speak of money and not of work satisfaction ??
Why do people(like managers HRs fellowmates interviewers anyone) cant digest when u speak straight about money and dont use ur tricks and tacts to say it indirectly ??
Why do we feel good being a hypocrite !! Why do people dont admit that no body would ever like the idea even of working for free ??

The world is strange , full of strange people....
So in your next interview be tactful while talking of money than being blunt and direct.....
and if u learn how to do so(or know how to do so)...
please leave me a comment with the exact words i should use... (am bad at being tactful and end up speaking straight ^-^)

Thursday, November 13

Tuesday, November 11

Going back to the Mysore Days !!!

Mysore or Mysuru....
A small town (though it is the 2nd biggest city of Karnataka i love it as a small town) ....with a rich and colourful history and heritage....
A few hours away from the city life of the IT hub Bangaluru, the capital city of Karnataka..lies this quiet place..the Cultural capital of Karnataka...
the not so wide roads but the so wide smile of the people would definitely attract you to be a part of the living and the celebrations always...
Brindawan garden-the musical fountains, the Krishnarajsagar dam, Mysore palace(Amba Vilas), Jagamohana Palace(the painters paradise), Lalitha Mahal(now a hotel) , Chamundi hills (the abode of ma Chamundeswari), the Mahisasur and the Nandi at Chamundi hills, St. Philomena's church, the Mysore Zoo( a place for so many species) , Srirangapatnam summer palace (made completely of wood) , the Mysore university (it has the Crawford hall and the Jayalakshmi Vilas-the folk museum), Bandipur and Nagarhole National Parks home to lots of different species of Birds , Animals and Reptiles (deers, monkeys, elephants and varieties of birds-these are what i have seen there ^-^, i guess some more must be there) and the recent attraction of modern times is the Infosys campus...
The Dasara is Mysore is worth a watch...the beautifully decorated Elephants, the Vintage car exhibition and the Motorbike show are special attraction of the time....
Mysore palace on Sunday evenings look stunning,.. breath taking sight with the millions and zillions of bulbs....
The early morning sunrise from the Chamundi hills makes the city come alive....
The traffic police on Devaraja Urs road on there handsome horses would make u stand and watch them with eyes filled with surprise.....
and of all things how can anyone forget the mouth watering MysorePaks ...mmmm....

i love this place as much i love my just feels so good to be there...
modern life blended so well with its history Mysore....

When i get Bored !!!

This is what i do when i get BORED in my office (hopefully my manager doesnot know about this ..... or i will be in bad shape ^_^ )

1. Take Coffee Breaks

2. Check Mails

3. Draw Cartoons

4. Plan for Birthdays and Farewells

5. Plan for Ocassions

6. Click Pics

7. Need my Strees Ball ( i dont need it when i am stressed ^_^)

8. Search for Rainbow when it rains

9. Self Photography ^_^

10. Chat with bunch of friends

Friday, October 31

366 days after !!!

After 366 days, today on 31st Oct 2009 at 4.00 pm, when i think of the same day same time exactly one year before... it feels so close to heart yet so alien....

Sometimes i could still feel the pain of leaving my first company , my colleagues, my work station.... and then i could still feel the happiness of of a new job the next day, the apprehensions of new meeting new colleagues, the preparations for the first day at job....

How desparately i was looking for a change in Job, how desparately i wanted to be out of the place, but how desparately i was looking for one more chance to be with the same friends and colleagues for five more minutes in the same campus...

How it felt to write the Last Day mail..... How i had longed to write one myself when i used to see others' mail for last day.... But how bad it felt while hitting the send if a part of me was getting lost somewhere.....

"Yaadein baas yaadein rah jati hain.. kuch meethi kuch khaati par baas yaadein hi rah jati hain"

Thursday, October 30

Gadgets !!!

When I try to focous on our lives some 10 years before , without a Cell phone...
Weren't we punctual then,
weren't we systematic then,
weren't we in touch with our friends then ?
When there were landlines only, we used to speak less and act more...
When there was a match scheduled all players used to reach on time....
When someonme didnt turn up we had no means to call up but we knew that the person must have a good reason not to turn up...
There were no mails / forwards related to "Tumours in brain after exposure to regular cell phone and radiation"
Then also young boys and gals used to fall in love and used to express love...
Noone was spendthreft when it came to calls
Noone expected you to pick the phone when they call u.. u always used to get a beenfit of doubt...
Now even when you switch off your own cell... people complain....
Patience is lost somehow...
Now there is a urgency which was never there...
Now there is an expectation that leads to sadness and frustration when we dont receive and answer or when we dont get a news from someone at the very moment....
Now we have become selfish , the I has become so important.

When I think of the only 1 TV channel DoorDarshan being aired, I cant remember me and my sis fighting for remote.
We used to be happy and satisfied with the content of the program.
We never used to do time pass with TV.
We used to socialize more, we used to have more getotgethers, we used to lsiten to others...
But now things have changed
Then 100 people used to see one channel and now 1 person is found surfing through 100 channels .
Then those 100 people used to smile and cry together now no one even bothers if u smile or cry......

Gadgets are invented to make life easier... but after having all these Gadgets do we have a life.....???

The Right Age for Marriage ???

How do you decide its the perfect time to get married....
How do you decide its late for marriage or its too early for marriage.....
Why in our society people care so much for others to comment frequently about someone else's life....
Why cant we decide ourselves when are we ready for marriage.....
Why dont people understand that not everybody thinks the same and not not everyone can be matured at the same age same day and time....
Everyone doesnot have same goals in life....
Not everyone thinks of same kind of a life partner....
Why do people after a Hello/Hi ask the very next question any Onsite or When are you getting married or any plans ...and Why do people dont end up just listening to the answer Yes/No.... Why does a NO always makes someone understand that u are not straight or u hate the other sex....Why do people eat up the only piece of brain that is functional....
Not everyone looks for advice.... then why does everyone gets advice when it comes to marriage....
I am still pondering at these questions....If u have answer (other than "people care for u") please let me know.....

Monday, October 27

If some things can be repleaced by money dont get upset !!!

" If some things can be repleaced by money dont get upset ..."

I just came across this statement and it felt so true....
Not everything can be bought by money (Reminds me of the MasterCard AD punch line "Not everything can be bought by money , for anything else there is mastercard" ) , but how often we remind ourselves of this statement....
how often with any material possession our relations gain strength and how often we become sad, we ill-treat and we yell at people with one material loss.....
When we say if things can be repalced by money we forget that we are talking about only things and not relations , memories, love , peace, happiness......
We forget that memories can never be lost and they are the real possessions not a matter or thing can replace it...
Still the attachment / bonding with the thing overpowers the attachment and bonding with the person.....
So strange .. isint it ???

Monday, September 22

When it feel its the true ME !!!

  • Spending time with Family
  • Laughing heart out with friends.
  • Looking at pics in my album
  • Watching TV while sleeping on couch/sofa.
  • Sketching.
  • Munching on Chocolates... no wafers just pure chocolate, the dark ones, lint or bournville kind.
  • Clicking pics.... though am still a amateur.
  • Wearing a Saari and looking good ^_^.
  • Playing pranks.
  • Planning for Trips.
  • On trips with Family / Friends.
  • Get-together.
  • Walking leisurely in the evening or in a good weather.
  • Cooking for myself and for people I care.
  • Trying out recipes.
  • Singing loud in bathroom with tap on.
  • Getting drenched in heavy rain .
  • Bullying my sis.
  • Bullying Swati, Preeti and Samy too.
  • Thinking about dresses and designs while looking at a piece of cloth.
  • Riding Cycle.
  • Decorating vases with flowers.
  • Riding my scooty .
  • Walking bare foot on cold sand near sea shore.
  • Watching construction work at site.
  • Making Rangoli / Alpana.
  • Sleeping in mom's lap.
  • Buying earrings and trying them.
  • Wearing bangles (after doing a mix and match).
  • Seeing fireworks.
  • Seeing my own reflection in the mirror.
  • Setting off crackers.
  • Playing Holi with friends and family.
  • Finding Traces of colour near eyebrows, ears and elbows even after few days of Holi.
  • Reading a book.
  • A mehandi design on my palms.
  • Seeing a peacock dance.
  • Watching dark black clouds floating across the sky.
  • Reading my own blog; older posts and comments posted by readers.
  • Watching a movie alone.
  • Watching CN , tom and jerry and disnep toons preferably.
  • Thinking of 'a small wooden cottage on the foothills of a mountain and watching the b'ful snow capped ranges'.
  • The smell of earth after the first rain.
  • The colour of red wine, its aroma and taste on by taste buds.

(will keep on adding to it)

Value of Money $$$

Yesterday while walking back home I was on call with my Mother and she narrated me an incident from my childhood which i also do remember with every detail.

' It was my first year in school and it was 14th Nov 1988 Children's Day....
I told my parents that i wont be taking school bag and books for the day, wont wear the uniform and wont take lunch box even... as it was told to us by our class teacher... and i need money as we would have some stalls (what stalls even i didnt knew then) ....
but my parents were not aware of it (i being their first kid to go school) and my teacher had not made any note in my diary for my parents to take care of ..... they didnt get time to confirm even as i didnt tell them the evening before but told the very day before getting ready for school(phone not being very common those days)
so they packed my bag and lunch box , made me wear my uniform and thought i was too young to be given money for anything .....
so off i went to school....
and when i was back early than usual .... i told my parents what happened as a part of celebration , described the stalls with food and goods .... and just added one statement "You didnt give me money..."
i dont remember if i had cried that day or i didnt.... mom says i didnt....
but after that day i was given a pocket money of Rs 2/- a week....
and till day i can remember how it felt to have Rs 2/- in your pocket or school bag...
and what not can a kid buy with that......
toffees.... so many varieties.... orange candies to kisme to sweetended sounf ke dane....
BABA ke paas se Karmanga... Amrud.... Ber.... Kacche Aam... Borkut.... Aamkut... AamSadha/AamPapad....Chatpat.... (students of K V SBP of my age age group can never forget BABA)
In summers .... Cool Candy Bars and Kulfi......
All time favorite AlooMudi (a teekha version of Bhelpuri famous in Orissa) and AlooBadam..... ranging from 50 paise to Rs 2.00 per plate depending upon the amount you want....
School canteen ka CreamRoll and Boiled Egg.....
I was so happy with my Rs 2/- every week....'

And now exactly after 20 years from then..... I have been working for 3 years, associated myself with two big names in IT, earning a good sum to comfortably manage my living.....
But when i think or when am made to think of my expenses, my spendthreft nature.....i still can bet i was more happy when i used to get Rs 2/- then i am today....
time and again i feel it but i have no answer to the question ' Has the Value of Money Increased or it has Decreased ??? '

Gone With The Wind !!!

How many things just go with the time, the time which comes sweeps away these events ....

The American Civil War happened.... 600000 people died and suffered for one cause...
After the civil war the darkies / niggers ( african - american slaves of the white ) were given the right to Vote for their country , slavery was abolished , it was made a punishable crime... and then the people had fought against it.....
and today they hav fought for it... voted one african american as their President......

Monday, September 8

Heaven and Hell !!!

(A forward in mail....thanks to IT ^_^ ..... but its worth reading..... )

A holy man was having a conversation with the Lord one day and said, 'Lord, I would like to know what Heaven and Hell are like.'

The Lord led the holy man to two doors. He opened one of the doors and the holy man looked in. In the middle of the room was a large round table. In the middle of the table was a large pot of stew, which smelled delicious and made the holy man's mouth water. The people sitting around the table were thin and sickly. They appeared to be famished. They were holding spoons with very long handles that were strapped to their arms and each found it possible to reach into the pot of stew and take a spoonful. But because the handle was longer than their arms, they could not get the spoons back into their mouths.The holy man shuddered at the sight of their misery and suffering. The Lord said, 'You have seen Hell.'

They went to the next room and opened the door. It was exactly the same as the first one.There was the large round table with the large pot of stew which made the holy man's mouth water. The people were equipped with the same long-handled spoons, but here the people were well nourished and plump, laughing and talking.

The holy man said, 'I don't understand.
'It is simple,' said the Lord. 'It requires but one skill. You see they have learned to feed each other, while the greedy think only of themselves.'

Friday, September 5

Happy Teacher's Day !!!

Guru Bramha Guru Vishnu
Guru Devo Maheshwara !
Guru Sakshyat Param Bramha
Tasmaishree Guruve Namah !!

I had learnt these lines by heart when I used to go for my dance classes when I was a kid....
But the real meaning of these lines I have felt when I met some wonderful people in my life...

This post i would like to dedicate to all my teachers , who have made an impact in my life and have helped me shaping my destiny.

Mom Dad
my first teachers....taught me taking my initial steps.. guided me when i stumbled... protected me when needed....i have learned the basics "A B C D..." to the important lessons of practical life from them....

Munu Nana
She is my aunt..a teacher by profession now... but was my teacher when she herself was a student..a teacher with immense patience....who helped me gain confidence in subjects which i used to fear the most....

Patra Sir
He was my Maths teacher...a subject which i had always loved ....he has made me trust in myself... when i had a doubt in myself and my capabilities he was the one who stood by me sometimes with a smile sometimes with a frown but had never left my side till i regained my confidence....He has taught me to give a try to any problem ( not just maths problem but the problem one faces in practicality) before saying NO I CANT DO IT and I AM NOT CAPABLE....

Bhagat Sir
He was my Hindi teacher during my class Xth board exams preps....a down to earth guy and An amazing painter.......a child in his 50...has taught me not only the subject Hindi but also taught to have faith on self...Always taught to pursue your dreams and never to quit on things one really loves....

Ambika Madam and Bacchan Sir
I cant take their names separately....An amazing couple...My English teachers for Xth and XIIth...Who have actually accustomed themselves according to my Mood swings(can u believe that.. but ya that's true)....I had always looked up to them for any trouble in my student life and they had never let me down...I not only learned English..but learned to love the self and our loved ones.. respect, dedication and determination...

These are few people whom I have not only admired as teachers but first of all have loved them for what they are...Such nice human beings deserve a lot good in life....I owe them all for what I am today for what I have achieved today...for the faith, trust, beliefs......I salute you all for being the building blocks of my life.

The Image Of Ganesha And Its Meaning !!!

Author - Kishore Asthana
An elephant’s trunk has the strength to uproot a tree as well as the finesse to pick up a needle. Ganesha’s trunk symbolises the fact that the wise person has both immense strength and fine discrimination.

Ganesha has large ears. The wise person hears all.

He has four hands. In one hand he holds a lotus, the symbol of enlightenment. In the other hand he holds a hatchet. That is, the old karma — all your sanskars, the accumulated good and bad of past deeds — get cut when enlightenment comes. The third hand holds laddus, the round sweet-meats. They are the rewards of a wise life. Ganesha is never shown eating the laddus. The wise man never partakes of the rewards of his deeds. He is not attached to them. The fourth hand is shown blessing the people. The wise man wishes the best for everyone.

Ganesha has only one tusk; the other is shown broken. There is an interesting story as to how Ganesh happened to get an elephant’s head and how one tusk got broken. The symbolism of the broken tusk is that the wise person is beyond duality. We tend to think that we end when our bodies end in the material world. We are the first person. All else is different. This duality is created by the mind which creates the ego to help us survive in this world. This ‘me-other’ duality is the screen keeping us from realising our real Self, which is beyond body and mind. Once we transcend this duality, we see the entire Universe as a single whole and we become aware of our true Selves. The single tusk of Ganesha symbolises this non-duality. Wisdom allows us to see all as one and ourselves an integral part of the whole.

Ganesha is shown sitting with one foot on the ground and the other resting on his knee, above the ground. The wise person is of this earth, yet not entirely of this earth.

Ganesha is shown seated on a rat. The reason for saying that Ganesha ‘rides’ on the rat is that the rat is among the greediest of all animals. It will keep nibbling at whatever is available, eating everything it can. Scientifically, too, the rat’s teeth keep growing and it has to keep chewing on something to keep these within limits. The rat is a symbol of our senses, which are never satisfied. They crave new experiences, new tastes. Left uncontrolled, they keep growing forever. The wise person rides on his senses. He keeps them under control. Ganesha is often shown seated in front of a tray of sweets. In these images the rat is shown sitting in front of Ganesha, perhaps a bit to one side, looking up at him. The senses of the wise person are under his control and the rat dare not eat the sweets without the permission of Ganesha.

Ganesha is the son of Shiva and Parvati, the God governing the life-force and the earthmother. This symbolises the spirit and body of the wise person. Finally, the wise person has the dignity of an elephant.

When we say “Aum Ganeshaya Namah” before starting anything what we are saying is that “In what we are about to do, let wisdom be our guide”. In a sense, Ganesha is our most powerful god, and he is usually remembered before starting any rituals for other deities.

courtesy :

Times of India - Speaking Tree 03-09-2008

Tuesday, August 26

Expressions !!!

Some things which we hated to listen or laughed when we came across with ....
but then we ourselves use it.....
Some things never change... I guess they come with age or with roles we play in our life...

Some expressions are out of the overflowing affection people have for others and some elderly affections can actually prove deadly under the strong grips and affectionate slaps .... (then you have to hold your breath for long to resist the pain and actually keep smiling)

Some obvious statements .. Some times obvious lies; "Kitne pyaare bacche hain aapke" . (do you think kids are not cute or even if they are not cute do you dare to tell it to their parents"
Sometimes how diplomatic like; "Badi khushi hui aapse milkar" or "Aap aate ho na to bada accaha lagta hai" . (but actually they pray god everyday not to cross their paths with the others ever )

Some unnecessary talk when people don't know what to tell ; "Arre kitne bade ho gaye yeh bacche pichli baar dekha to chote the " .(obviously everyone grows with time , some longitudinally some laterally, and some grow 3 dimensionally)

Some talks like , to tell others that you are good parents and have taught your kids everything ; "Beta inko namaste karo" .(beta namaste kar bhi chuka hoga tabtak still..... )
Some frustrations ;"Yeh aaj kal ke bacche" .(Jealousy.. that you were not as smart as the kids now at you age then )

and last but not the least....

Memory Games - Pehchan Koun ?? "Beta pehchana hame ... koun batao ?? " (obviously the kid cant say NO i dont remember you .. fufa ke mama ke bahtije ke ladke ki saas ke ....... who cares to remember " )

Whats Next ???

Whats Next ?
Movie, Dinner/ Lunch, Books, Office, Friends etc etc ...

Have you ever wondered "Whats Next ??" ; or you always have an answer to it.

many a times people ask me my plans, whats next in life, career path, goals...
i never have a answer to it... "Whats next ?? "
i do think if people know what they want from life since they were kids and toddlers ... ???
how will i know what is best for me ... ???
which career will give u better results.. ???
what thing you will enjoy doing ... ???
is there actually something called Career path and Goals.. ???

i dont know if there are some species who think like me ... or m the the only alien.... ???

Tuesday, August 12

GO +

Global Orientation + :
A initiative of Oracle India to make the new comers to the Oracle Family to be aware of the Goals , the Culture, the Work Ethics.
And to achieve this the HR has taken this initiative to facilitate the employees with a fun filled learning session while staying out from the campus.
We a group of 16 were to start from the campus on Thursday 10th of July 2008 to sail in one boat for 2 nights and 2 days with a facilitator Sree Kumar in a place called ICRISAT ( ).
We reached the campus.. not very far from the city on the Mumbai Pune highway .A place so close to nature yet with modern facilities was worth admiring.
We collected our keys, told hello to my roomies Trupti and Pooja (thanks to the odd number, that the twin sharing room was made a triple sharing). We were than asked to assemble at a place for snacks and tea/coffee. We the hungry lot had good snacks to our heart content, and while doing so we were having a good watch from our facilitator Sree.

And now the Game begins !!!

We were all asked to assemble at the ground and our task was to go back to the conference room in 20 mins, it sounds simple rite... But no no… it wasn’t that simple… rather it was not at all simple…
We were asked to tie our legs to the person next to us in the row and hence only one right leg and only one left leg to be free for the whole group…. And while traveling so we were to find out the person next to us... name, liking and disliking….
It was difficult but was fun, the challenge was completed in 13 minutes or so…Bingo... Bravo…. And we had our rounds of introduction.
(Take away: group wins if they move together)

Next was a game of the Blind, the Mute and the Normal…
Group was divided into 3 small groups with the disabilities and hence the special abilities.
The Blind were allowed all provisions to touch and feel.
The Mute were allowed to touch the blind only and to help them to complete the task.
And the Normal no special abilities as they had no disabilities.
And our task was to take a substance using the equipments only to another place and we failed big time in doing so.
Discussions follwed in how and what and why….??
And blame was taken by the upper management (Normal) for their lack of ability in doing the job…. hence loosing credibility....
(take away : mutual respect and most important love your job first , see special abilities granted to you rather than the disabilities , your job is designed keeping your abilities and disabilities in mind)

Now was time for dinner….
We went for a good walk after a flling 4 course dinner....Settled for a round for songs by Barney and Gipson and dance by Ranga , Trupti and Sachin.
We all were good audience…. Clapped after every performance… :) ( I have a good work-ex at doing that).

Then we 4 people went for a walk…

Eureka !

Discovered a beautiful lake… the cool breeze and the silence... felt like sleeping on one of the benches there … it was beautiful countryside….
We were there till 12 and then decided to go back ,take a break to return early the next morning.
I am never a early riser but that day I was ready sharp at 5.00 ... (people who know me will be surprised reading this.. i know... but thats true....)
Took a long walk and had loads of fun this time.

"Early Bird gets the Worm" ;
ya we got it , definitely, but had to pay for it too :( .
The place was so beautiful that we went on venturing and taking pics and at then ended late for the training and had to pay fine Rs2/ min / person waiting for us in the room, had to pay 48/-. For 3 minutes as 8 people waiting for us in the room.

When everybody was there in the room we were divided into 2 groups (The Phoenix and we The Spartans).
Had games Big Foot, Crate and Log, The Light Ball, Spider Net.
(take away: Goal Clarity, Strategy, Planning, The real Life Scenario, Trust, Understanding others, Courtesy, Not jumping into conclusions, No discarding of ideas till we have better one, Mutual respect,
Working in Group, Team Spirit)

During lunch time had a great time by the pool side and shared lots of laughter and gathered many memories to take back home.
Time for the next break and we started off with cycles to explore the place, it was awesome and the fun the thrill filled the air, the silence and the fireflies and we ….
It was a perfect Kodak moment.

We had the perfect dinner and then the group of 16 joined near the lake and our dance teacher Sachin taught us Birdie Dance and some more (which obviously I couldn’t grasp and hence can’t write in with detail… I know I am poor at dancing and pathetic at rhythm…. BUT.. No one can be perfect and I cant break the rule of nature :) )

Next day we had to actually show that we had learnt all the lessons perfectly.. And abide by the rules and ethics of the company…. And we proved we will always think about the good of the company :)

We broke after a small discussion of the learning and take away, the wrap up was done and the last lunch at icrisat to follow.
The cherry on the cake was the birthday blast of Sachin…

After few more photos with happy smiling faces.. Time to say good bye to the place and to all…

Packed and ready to leave….

Went for a local sight seeing in the bus with the ICRISAT guide …..

Time for Sayonara…
But do you think it ended there….NO…..

See this …. The go plus after effects…..

Thursday, August 7

The Zahir !!!

"What man of you,
having an hundred sheep
if he lose one of them,
doth not leave the ninetyand nine in the wildreness,
and go after that which is lost, until he find it ??? "

But this is what Zahir is !!! The Coup De Foudre !!!

The Zahir :-It is someone or something which, once we have come into contact with them or it, gradually occupies every thought.

We have our job, money, family, children, spouse / partner, a home , all the luxuries, still ;
Are we happy??
have we met / found our Zahir and ignored it or let it go ??

Tuesday, August 5


Words ( )
Smile an everlasting smile, a smile can bring you near to me.
Don't ever let me find you down, cause that would bring a tear to me.
This world has lost its glory, let's start a brand new story now, my love.
Right now, there'll be no other time and I can show you how, my love.

Talk in everlasting words, and dedicate them all to me.
And I will give you all my life, I'm here if you should call to me.
You think that I don't even mean a single word I say.
It's only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away.

Monday, August 4

वीर तुम बढे चलो , धीर तुम बढे चलो !!!

वीर तुम बढे चलो ,
धीर तुम बढे चलो !
सामने पहाड़ हो ,
सिंघ की दहाड़ हो ,
तुम निडर हटो नही ,
तुम निडर डटो वहीँ !
वीर तुम बढे चलो ,
धीर तुम बढे चलो !

Wednesday, July 30

One Liners I liked !!!

This will be a collection of one liners or ideas i came across in my life at some point of time and dont want to forget.... (a combination of fun , wits, sorrow , pain , love , agony, wisdom ..... )

  • You carry on deforestation , I will do animal slaughter. (a non-vegetarian speaking to a vegetarian)
  • Every person can make some one happy, some by entering a room and some by simply leaving the room.
  • Invention of wheels was not complete till the invention of clutch and brakes.
  • I am gonna make him an offer he can't refuse. (The Godfather)
  • Finance is a gun. Politics is knowing when to pull the trigger. (The Godfather)
  • Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment. (The Godfather)
  • In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns. (The Godfather)
  • Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. (The Godfather)
  • SSDD - Same Shit Different Day (In short ans to the question , Hows life ?? and then u dont have to answer .. same old flat.. same old job/company.. same old profile ....same old salary ; so go for this short cut)
  • Amor espera -- In spanish means "Love waits".
  • Coup De Fou·dre (The Zahir) ---- In French means "the thunderbolt"
  • Adventure Costs and thats why I work .
  • The best thing that happen to us is only during Conversation; (like we fall in love , we propose, we make friends everything is achieved in the cost of Conversation ) So, KEEP TALKING.
  • "Bhai saab aap convince ho gaye ya main aaur bolun." (Jav we met - Kareena's dialouge)
  • A Foodie's point of view " The Ultimate pleasure does not lie in between the two legs but lies in between the two ears"
  • Read this in someone's Orkut Profile Ideal Match section:
    " one with it's tip intact & ignite at the first stroke "
  • " War in the name of Peace is like Screwing in the name of Virginity " - book P. S. I Love You
  • "I am not a Big Fat Panda , I am THE Big Fat Panda" - Po of Kungfu Panda
  • "There is no charge for Awesomeness and Attractiveness." - Master Sifu Kungfu Panda
  • "Past is history , Future is mystery, but present is a Gift.. so it is called Present. " - Master Ugway Kungfu Panda
  • "झुंड बना के चलो .झुंड बना के...मुझे बोलते हुए कोई शर्म नही आती की मैं डरा हुआ हूँ..." - paresh rawal's dialouge in Bhul Bhulaiya when he was really scared of the ghost and stories of ghost.
  • "My dad is the backbone of my Family..... And if my dad is the backbone then mom is the other bones.. all other bones" -- Movie The Castle
  • piyush Audichya: " स्वयं से दूर हो तुम भी, स्वयं से दूर हैं हम भी , बड़े मगरूर हो तुम भी,बड़े मगरूर हैं हम भी , बड़े मशहूर हो तुम भी,बड़े मशहूर हैं हम भी , अतः मजबूर हो तुम भी,अतः मजबूर हैं हम भी ...... Corporate Etiquettes Moulded with team work"

My New Style Statement !!!!

This is not a small problem or minor illness, its not an epidemic also , but the one who suffers only knows how badly it takes ur patience , ur energy , ur concerns and sympathies for yourself, in short it takes a part of your thinking mind(which i have very less).
and what i am telling you is not joke ...for me Tonsillitis is a part of life .......

so one day while i was taking breaks from my usual tonsillitis pain with high and low intensities sneezing and coughing i thought of searching the net to know more about the one (tonsillitis) for whom i am the love of his life and who rarely leaves me alone 365 days and 24*7...

on one site i got some known and some unknown remedies listed as below...
Known to me :
Gargle with salty Luke warm water for 2 to 3 times in a day for curing tonsils pain.
Mix turmeric with honey and apply it on the tonsils to reduce the swollen tonsils.
Mix honey in water and gargle with it for reducing swollen tonsils.
Have 1 tsp of turmeric along with 1 tsp of sugar. Then drink warm milk slowly slowly which will reduce swollen tonsils.

Unknown to me:
Tonsil is cured if banana skin is tied on the neck. (interesting)
For curing tonsils or Diphtheria apply kerosene on the neck with the help of small paint brush. Gargle with buttermilk before and after applying kerosene.

next time i am going to try the new ones....
So don't get surprised(and don't ignore me please) if u see me in office or partying with friends while a Banana skin around my neck instead of my scarf or my chain and pendant....

Friday, July 25

Little Raindrops !!!

It rained in Hyd !!

I feel it has rained after a decade or so in hyd :(
.... and then the poems / rhymes came to my mind
....the child within me leaps every time i see the little drops of rain
....the way we felt at the start of every academic year in june end/july
....smell of new raincoats with the smell of new notebooks and bags

Oh, where do you come from,
You little drops of rain,
Pitter patter, pitter patter,
Down the window pane?

They won't let me walk,
And they won't let me play,
And they won't let me go
Out of doors at all today.

They put away my playthings
Because I broke them all,
And then they locked up all my bricks,
And took away my ball.

Tell me, little raindrops,
Is that the way you play,
Pitter patter, pitter patter,
All the rainy day?

They say I'm very naughty,
But I've nothing else to do
but sit here at the window;
I should like to play with you.

The little raindrops cannot speak,
But "pitter pitter pat"
Means, "We can play on this side,
Why can't you play on that?"

-- Jane Euphemia Browne

Tuesday, July 22


खड़ा हिमालय बता रहा है
डरो न आंधी पानी से
खड़े रहो तुम अविचल होकर
सब संकट तूफानी में !!

डिगो न अपने पथ से
तो तुम सब प् सकते हो प्यारे
तुम भी ऊँचा उठ सकते हो
छु सकते हो नभ के तारे !!

खड़ा रहा जो अपने पथ पर
लाख मुसीबत आने में
मिली सफलता जग मैं उसको
जीने में मर जाने में !!

this is a poem i have remebered since my school days(have read it in class 2) and it has inspired me all my life ..... would love to thank the poet "Sohanlal Dwivedi"

LOVE !!!

LOVE !!! is it a word , a feeling , an emotion or an expression.....

"hame bhi kisi ka intezaar hai
jise hamari tarah pyaar se pyaar hai... "

lines from the title song of the movie "Maine Pyaar Kiya"

Friday, July 18

My Bookmark

This is a bookmark I had "When I get money I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes".
Initially when I used to read these lines (when I was a reader of books like Reader's Digest, Champak, Raj comics, Chandamama) I couldn't understand the importance; and now when I have understood what it means I cant find the bookmark any more.

Such is the Irony of Life...and Such is Life

My (in)Famous ONE-LINERS

  • I am liberal.... but not that much. (context.. a boy coming to stay in a gals room)
  • I know how to flirt.... but there is always scarcity of motivations around. (context.. frns telling me listen to ur heart not to ur mind and let go yourself don't hold)
  • Bring ur family members to party ...if they are handsome and single. (context.... a party organised by some common friends and people were trying to leave the husband(s) out of the party)
  • I am basically a QUIET kind of person (saanth bacche). (context .. in general , but people around me get scandalized every time I say this , so finally I have felt it deserves a place in my one-liners)
  • I hate lieing un-necessarily. (context... when in an introduction I was asked things I hate in people, I had told hypocracy and lieing uncessarily; and everybody laughed.. I wanted to tell them its not a JOKE it was a FACT)
  • I got a FilmFare award. (context... the 1 ltr water bottles in my office pantry actually are so deformed that when u hold then u feel like holding a FilmFare award... )
  • I dont have a husband. (context... a friend saw the lunch box in my hand n told , ohh!! u cook everyday... i answered "yes i have to .. i dont have a husband ;) "
  • I am a Sadist
  • "Thank God I am not in love with 'X' ! " ( me and a friend of mine were in a differnt town for some exam and i relaised there was a guy resembling our class mate Mr. X, i asked her if she also felt the same, once she confirmed i was convinced i was not in love with X ^_^ )

Thursday, July 17

Pronounciation !!!

Pronounciation/ accent, its such a thing that you cant standardize....Taking for example, it can be American accented english or British accented or Indian accented but its accented...same goes with pronounciation,

as in Orissa .. BAT can be pronounced as BYAT, CAT as CYAT etc...... but the funniest part is we have so much different ways to pronouce a simple alphabet down south .... M is YM, A as YA/YE,In spoken english things are acceptable (at least seeing so many varities in all these years that sub-conciously I have accepted this) BUT, my visual senses after witnessing something realised how things are in reality.....

and then i couldn't resist laughing for a while....

This pic is taken at a juice center (selling APPLE JUICE) at Secunderabad railway station

Wednesday, July 16


The Sea is my home
To sail is my duty
The Ship is my life
who is my Wife ??

This is a puzzle I saw on a person's t-shirt