Tuesday, August 26

Expressions !!!

Some things which we hated to listen or laughed when we came across with ....
but then we ourselves use it.....
Some things never change... I guess they come with age or with roles we play in our life...

Some expressions are out of the overflowing affection people have for others and some elderly affections can actually prove deadly under the strong grips and affectionate slaps .... (then you have to hold your breath for long to resist the pain and actually keep smiling)

Some obvious statements .. Some times obvious lies; "Kitne pyaare bacche hain aapke" . (do you think kids are not cute or even if they are not cute do you dare to tell it to their parents"
Sometimes how diplomatic like; "Badi khushi hui aapse milkar" or "Aap aate ho na to bada accaha lagta hai" . (but actually they pray god everyday not to cross their paths with the others ever )

Some unnecessary talk when people don't know what to tell ; "Arre kitne bade ho gaye yeh bacche pichli baar dekha to chote the " .(obviously everyone grows with time , some longitudinally some laterally, and some grow 3 dimensionally)

Some talks like , to tell others that you are good parents and have taught your kids everything ; "Beta inko namaste karo" .(beta namaste kar bhi chuka hoga tabtak still..... )
Some frustrations ;"Yeh aaj kal ke bacche" .(Jealousy.. that you were not as smart as the kids now at you age then )

and last but not the least....

Memory Games - Pehchan Koun ?? "Beta pehchana hame ... koun batao ?? " (obviously the kid cant say NO i dont remember you .. fufa ke mama ke bahtije ke ladke ki saas ke ....... who cares to remember " )

Whats Next ???

Whats Next ?
Movie, Dinner/ Lunch, Books, Office, Friends etc etc ...

Have you ever wondered "Whats Next ??" ; or you always have an answer to it.

many a times people ask me my plans, whats next in life, career path, goals...
i never have a answer to it... "Whats next ?? "
i do think if people know what they want from life since they were kids and toddlers ... ???
how will i know what is best for me ... ???
which career will give u better results.. ???
what thing you will enjoy doing ... ???
is there actually something called Career path and Goals.. ???

i dont know if there are some species who think like me ... or m the the only alien.... ???

Tuesday, August 12

GO +

Global Orientation + :
A initiative of Oracle India to make the new comers to the Oracle Family to be aware of the Goals , the Culture, the Work Ethics.
And to achieve this the HR has taken this initiative to facilitate the employees with a fun filled learning session while staying out from the campus.
We a group of 16 were to start from the campus on Thursday 10th of July 2008 to sail in one boat for 2 nights and 2 days with a facilitator Sree Kumar in a place called ICRISAT (http://www.icrisat.org/ ).
We reached the campus.. not very far from the city on the Mumbai Pune highway .A place so close to nature yet with modern facilities was worth admiring.
We collected our keys, told hello to my roomies Trupti and Pooja (thanks to the odd number, that the twin sharing room was made a triple sharing). We were than asked to assemble at a place for snacks and tea/coffee. We the hungry lot had good snacks to our heart content, and while doing so we were having a good watch from our facilitator Sree.

And now the Game begins !!!

We were all asked to assemble at the ground and our task was to go back to the conference room in 20 mins, it sounds simple rite... But no no… it wasn’t that simple… rather it was not at all simple…
We were asked to tie our legs to the person next to us in the row and hence only one right leg and only one left leg to be free for the whole group…. And while traveling so we were to find out the person next to us... name, liking and disliking….
It was difficult but was fun, the challenge was completed in 13 minutes or so…Bingo... Bravo…. And we had our rounds of introduction.
(Take away: group wins if they move together)

Next was a game of the Blind, the Mute and the Normal…
Group was divided into 3 small groups with the disabilities and hence the special abilities.
The Blind were allowed all provisions to touch and feel.
The Mute were allowed to touch the blind only and to help them to complete the task.
And the Normal no special abilities as they had no disabilities.
And our task was to take a substance using the equipments only to another place and we failed big time in doing so.
Discussions follwed in how and what and why….??
And blame was taken by the upper management (Normal) for their lack of ability in doing the job…. hence loosing credibility....
(take away : mutual respect and most important love your job first , see special abilities granted to you rather than the disabilities , your job is designed keeping your abilities and disabilities in mind)

Now was time for dinner….
We went for a good walk after a flling 4 course dinner....Settled for a round for songs by Barney and Gipson and dance by Ranga , Trupti and Sachin.
We all were good audience…. Clapped after every performance… :) ( I have a good work-ex at doing that).

Then we 4 people went for a walk…

Eureka !

Discovered a beautiful lake… the cool breeze and the silence... felt like sleeping on one of the benches there … it was beautiful countryside….
We were there till 12 and then decided to go back ,take a break to return early the next morning.
I am never a early riser but that day I was ready sharp at 5.00 ... (people who know me will be surprised reading this.. i know... but thats true....)
Took a long walk and had loads of fun this time.

"Early Bird gets the Worm" ;
ya we got it , definitely, but had to pay for it too :( .
The place was so beautiful that we went on venturing and taking pics and at then ended late for the training and had to pay fine Rs2/ min / person waiting for us in the room, had to pay 48/-. For 3 minutes as 8 people waiting for us in the room.

When everybody was there in the room we were divided into 2 groups (The Phoenix and we The Spartans).
Had games Big Foot, Crate and Log, The Light Ball, Spider Net.
(take away: Goal Clarity, Strategy, Planning, The real Life Scenario, Trust, Understanding others, Courtesy, Not jumping into conclusions, No discarding of ideas till we have better one, Mutual respect,
Working in Group, Team Spirit)

During lunch time had a great time by the pool side and shared lots of laughter and gathered many memories to take back home.
Time for the next break and we started off with cycles to explore the place, it was awesome and the fun the thrill filled the air, the silence and the fireflies and we ….
It was a perfect Kodak moment.

We had the perfect dinner and then the group of 16 joined near the lake and our dance teacher Sachin taught us Birdie Dance and some more (which obviously I couldn’t grasp and hence can’t write in with detail… I know I am poor at dancing and pathetic at rhythm…. BUT.. No one can be perfect and I cant break the rule of nature :) )

Next day we had to actually show that we had learnt all the lessons perfectly.. And abide by the rules and ethics of the company…. And we proved we will always think about the good of the company :)

We broke after a small discussion of the learning and take away, the wrap up was done and the last lunch at icrisat to follow.
The cherry on the cake was the birthday blast of Sachin…

After few more photos with happy smiling faces.. Time to say good bye to the place and to all…

Packed and ready to leave….

Went for a local sight seeing in the bus with the ICRISAT guide …..

Time for Sayonara…
But do you think it ended there….NO…..

See this …. The go plus after effects…..

Thursday, August 7

The Zahir !!!

"What man of you,
having an hundred sheep
if he lose one of them,
doth not leave the ninetyand nine in the wildreness,
and go after that which is lost, until he find it ??? "

But this is what Zahir is !!! The Coup De Foudre !!!

The Zahir :-It is someone or something which, once we have come into contact with them or it, gradually occupies every thought.

We have our job, money, family, children, spouse / partner, a home , all the luxuries, still ;
Are we happy??
have we met / found our Zahir and ignored it or let it go ??

Tuesday, August 5


Words ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FmuZHBOOC4 )
Smile an everlasting smile, a smile can bring you near to me.
Don't ever let me find you down, cause that would bring a tear to me.
This world has lost its glory, let's start a brand new story now, my love.
Right now, there'll be no other time and I can show you how, my love.

Talk in everlasting words, and dedicate them all to me.
And I will give you all my life, I'm here if you should call to me.
You think that I don't even mean a single word I say.
It's only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away.

Monday, August 4

वीर तुम बढे चलो , धीर तुम बढे चलो !!!

वीर तुम बढे चलो ,
धीर तुम बढे चलो !
सामने पहाड़ हो ,
सिंघ की दहाड़ हो ,
तुम निडर हटो नही ,
तुम निडर डटो वहीँ !
वीर तुम बढे चलो ,
धीर तुम बढे चलो !