Tuesday, August 26

Expressions !!!

Some things which we hated to listen or laughed when we came across with ....
but then we ourselves use it.....
Some things never change... I guess they come with age or with roles we play in our life...

Some expressions are out of the overflowing affection people have for others and some elderly affections can actually prove deadly under the strong grips and affectionate slaps .... (then you have to hold your breath for long to resist the pain and actually keep smiling)

Some obvious statements .. Some times obvious lies; "Kitne pyaare bacche hain aapke" . (do you think kids are not cute or even if they are not cute do you dare to tell it to their parents"
Sometimes how diplomatic like; "Badi khushi hui aapse milkar" or "Aap aate ho na to bada accaha lagta hai" . (but actually they pray god everyday not to cross their paths with the others ever )

Some unnecessary talk when people don't know what to tell ; "Arre kitne bade ho gaye yeh bacche pichli baar dekha to chote the " .(obviously everyone grows with time , some longitudinally some laterally, and some grow 3 dimensionally)

Some talks like , to tell others that you are good parents and have taught your kids everything ; "Beta inko namaste karo" .(beta namaste kar bhi chuka hoga tabtak still..... )
Some frustrations ;"Yeh aaj kal ke bacche" .(Jealousy.. that you were not as smart as the kids now at you age then )

and last but not the least....

Memory Games - Pehchan Koun ?? "Beta pehchana hame ... koun batao ?? " (obviously the kid cant say NO i dont remember you .. fufa ke mama ke bahtije ke ladke ki saas ke ....... who cares to remember " )

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