Tuesday, March 31

The IT guys talk !!!

A : Hello
B : Hello, its wonderful to hear ur voice..
A : i know its quite a time.. was keeping busy u know..
B : hmm .. i understand ( insider : BUSY ..duh...i know how busy u r )
A : so how r u doing
B : great... nothing much though...just office home office ; what abt u ??????
A : ohh for me its the same
B : so where r u now a days
A : in India... where else...this recession badly hit my on site chances , with H1 in hand i could not go :( :( :( :(
B : hmm... ( insider : good... i don't have any chances even) ... same with me.... anyway we didn't have much scope anyway.. so nothing much to complain about in recession
A : so marriage on cards..... or long going gf or many gf(s) .. whats going on in life

[as if only gal means life..... hold on if there were 2 gals talking they will ask each other so when is ur marriage or any bf ...got ur Mr. right ;) ]

B : nothing यार.... just don't want any लड़की-का-लोचा in life (insider : grrrrrrrrr.... cant find a gf for me and this stupid is asking questions abt gf(s) and marriage )
A : ohh ... is it ?
B : ya .. what abt u ... whats the scene ur side....
A : nothing man.... had a gf ... but long distance relation didn't work good for us

[ that's one more problem for IT ppl, they forget the word trust in a relation and say distance hit our relation badly ]

B : that's sad to know... but don't worry lady luck will favour u sometime (insider : give me the no. of ur ex if she was hot , shall i say this... no no ...leave it for a while ;) )
A : leave it ( insider :i don't want to think m a loser) ... so any on site opportunity coming ur way in future ?
B : nopes man... for us its ..जीना यहाँ मरना यहाँ
A : ok... me too thinking in the same lines now ...
A : getting hike or bonus this year
B : no ..... u ??
A : no ..no at all :( (inside : good m not the only one :) )
B : sighs :( !!! (insider : thank god no one is getting :) )
A : so any plans for job change ?
B : no planning for some time here ( insider : damn r u mad.. who thinks of a new job when its time to save ur ass first)
A : OK
B : what abt u ?
A : don't know... will do if i get one with a better pay ( insider : but getting one is not easy now, grrrr )
B : will that be wise ?? (insider : what a fool is he, just thinking of money)
A : ya ya why not , u can do it if u show a little guts and u have confidence (insider : साले , फटी पड़ी है मेरी और तू &*#$&#$&* )
B : great to hear that, so getting any calls ?
A : ya got some ( insider : कितना जुगाड़ मारा तुझे क्या बोलूं )
B : wow... how much r they paying ?
A : pause (insider : साला गया ना औकात पर) !! not great but ya its good .... much better then here....
B : let me also know about them ( insider : whats wrong in trying :) )
A : ya ya why not .. any way they are looking for more people (insider : साले चुप... एक टों market की हालात और तू competition में +1 *&$#$&#* )
B : pause (hearts in his eyes , dreaming of more money , more on site , blonds around ...... )
A : hey have to go now .. some urgent call from boss , m really critical resource after returning form on site ( insider : OMG ... BOSSSSSSSSSSSs..... cant use the free phone any more, or he will find reasons to throw me out , i have given him enough by now while on client site :( :(:( )
B : okk bye man.... keep me posted of ...........
A : bye......... trrrrrrrrrr trrrrrrrr [phone disconnected]

Tuesday, March 24

Scrabble and Dyslexia ???

The quater life crisis as people say it when u turn 25 struck me too ....
I got a gift from my friends ... a scrabble
great... its good ... fun to play... but... there is a Big But (mind it its not a Big Butt) attached to it....
so i didnt know whether to be happy or not to be so happy (everyone is happy receiving a gift thats for sure)
last time (i.e few days back when i was about to get into my quater life crisis phase) i was playing Scrabble (read : tryign to play Scrabble) with my friends and then i found or realised whatever u can say it that not only the Kid in Taare Zameen Par (Ishaan Avasthi) or his teacher Amir Khan or the other great people like Da Vince, Akbar the Great had the problem Dyslexia when they were kid but I too felt some symptoms of it after growing up....
The moment i got 7 letters to form a word i could just feel how the kid Ishaan used to see the letters flying and running around...
It was a nightmare and I felt shattered knowing the criticality of the issue.... :(
God help me with the gift that i have got..... or someday i will be an object of study for my special case of dyslexia hitting me so late in my life when i see the 7 letters in a game of scrabble

Thursday, March 12

Jill of all trades master of NONE :( :( :(

I really dont have a talent....
and i know that....
but i am happy that i have learnt few things....
sketching... painting.... art of cooking..... rangoli..... are some of them......
but thinking seriously....
i have concluded something thats not really good for a conclusion....
and the conclusion is am just a jill of all trades but i have mastered none.....

Tuesday, March 10

Beauty or The Brain !!!

Beauty or the Brain ?
a must questioned debate but the answers the perceptions always remain different for each indivisual.

Beauty in itself is such thing whcih differs from person to person , changes identity with sexes.
Men perceive beauty with only right part fo brain whereas women use the whole brain to process beauty-discovery channel article.
so actually if u understand the statement correctly : "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" , Novelist Margaret Wolfe Hungerford it actually means : "Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them", Essayist David Hume.
So the conclusion is its never beauty or the brain its actually beauty and the brain ^_^.
Its ur brain which makes a thing beautiful or ugly , so next time just choose a correct/better brain to decide beauty.

My 26th Valentine's day !!!

I know i am not yet 26, but then how can it be my 26th Valentine's day....
reason being my b'day falls ahead of v'day every calendar year....
okk... now questions answered and doubts cleared....
i will concentrate on my topic... my 26th v'day.....
on this very day... a very strange feeling creeped in my mind....
m still single on my 26th v'day and i have not even celebrated my first ever v'day yet to have my debut performance.....
i hav read somewhere that after 25, as ur quater life crisis starts, the probability of your falling in love and soemthing interesting happening in a girls life drops straight down to '0'(zero)...
oh.. my my....is it true....can it be true...
for the love of mother and child......for the sanctity of the women and their generation....... for the sake of the angels and valkyries ; please tell its not true and punish the author(must be a man i know) of such a demotivating article to have a life in hell with virgins(all male virgins of age 40)......