Tuesday, March 31

The IT guys talk !!!

A : Hello
B : Hello, its wonderful to hear ur voice..
A : i know its quite a time.. was keeping busy u know..
B : hmm .. i understand ( insider : BUSY ..duh...i know how busy u r )
A : so how r u doing
B : great... nothing much though...just office home office ; what abt u ??????
A : ohh for me its the same
B : so where r u now a days
A : in India... where else...this recession badly hit my on site chances , with H1 in hand i could not go :( :( :( :(
B : hmm... ( insider : good... i don't have any chances even) ... same with me.... anyway we didn't have much scope anyway.. so nothing much to complain about in recession
A : so marriage on cards..... or long going gf or many gf(s) .. whats going on in life

[as if only gal means life..... hold on if there were 2 gals talking they will ask each other so when is ur marriage or any bf ...got ur Mr. right ;) ]

B : nothing यार.... just don't want any लड़की-का-लोचा in life (insider : grrrrrrrrr.... cant find a gf for me and this stupid is asking questions abt gf(s) and marriage )
A : ohh ... is it ?
B : ya .. what abt u ... whats the scene ur side....
A : nothing man.... had a gf ... but long distance relation didn't work good for us

[ that's one more problem for IT ppl, they forget the word trust in a relation and say distance hit our relation badly ]

B : that's sad to know... but don't worry lady luck will favour u sometime (insider : give me the no. of ur ex if she was hot , shall i say this... no no ...leave it for a while ;) )
A : leave it ( insider :i don't want to think m a loser) ... so any on site opportunity coming ur way in future ?
B : nopes man... for us its ..जीना यहाँ मरना यहाँ
A : ok... me too thinking in the same lines now ...
A : getting hike or bonus this year
B : no ..... u ??
A : no ..no at all :( (inside : good m not the only one :) )
B : sighs :( !!! (insider : thank god no one is getting :) )
A : so any plans for job change ?
B : no planning for some time here ( insider : damn r u mad.. who thinks of a new job when its time to save ur ass first)
A : OK
B : what abt u ?
A : don't know... will do if i get one with a better pay ( insider : but getting one is not easy now, grrrr )
B : will that be wise ?? (insider : what a fool is he, just thinking of money)
A : ya ya why not , u can do it if u show a little guts and u have confidence (insider : साले , फटी पड़ी है मेरी और तू &*#$&#$&* )
B : great to hear that, so getting any calls ?
A : ya got some ( insider : कितना जुगाड़ मारा तुझे क्या बोलूं )
B : wow... how much r they paying ?
A : pause (insider : साला गया ना औकात पर) !! not great but ya its good .... much better then here....
B : let me also know about them ( insider : whats wrong in trying :) )
A : ya ya why not .. any way they are looking for more people (insider : साले चुप... एक टों market की हालात और तू competition में +1 *&$#$&#* )
B : pause (hearts in his eyes , dreaming of more money , more on site , blonds around ...... )
A : hey have to go now .. some urgent call from boss , m really critical resource after returning form on site ( insider : OMG ... BOSSSSSSSSSSSs..... cant use the free phone any more, or he will find reasons to throw me out , i have given him enough by now while on client site :( :(:( )
B : okk bye man.... keep me posted of ...........
A : bye......... trrrrrrrrrr trrrrrrrr [phone disconnected]

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