Friday, November 14

Being Moneyminded !!!

Is it morally wrong to be money minded ??
Is it wrong to say i have changed my company or looking for oppurtunity as i am loking for more money ??
Is it really that bad to think of more money ?? to have plans and ideas of prospering !!
Is it really a topic which is still considered a Taboo to speak on ??
Do people judge you wrong when u speak of money and not of work satisfaction ??
Why do people(like managers HRs fellowmates interviewers anyone) cant digest when u speak straight about money and dont use ur tricks and tacts to say it indirectly ??
Why do we feel good being a hypocrite !! Why do people dont admit that no body would ever like the idea even of working for free ??

The world is strange , full of strange people....
So in your next interview be tactful while talking of money than being blunt and direct.....
and if u learn how to do so(or know how to do so)...
please leave me a comment with the exact words i should use... (am bad at being tactful and end up speaking straight ^-^)

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