Wednesday, July 30

My New Style Statement !!!!

This is not a small problem or minor illness, its not an epidemic also , but the one who suffers only knows how badly it takes ur patience , ur energy , ur concerns and sympathies for yourself, in short it takes a part of your thinking mind(which i have very less).
and what i am telling you is not joke ...for me Tonsillitis is a part of life .......

so one day while i was taking breaks from my usual tonsillitis pain with high and low intensities sneezing and coughing i thought of searching the net to know more about the one (tonsillitis) for whom i am the love of his life and who rarely leaves me alone 365 days and 24*7...

on one site i got some known and some unknown remedies listed as below...
Known to me :
Gargle with salty Luke warm water for 2 to 3 times in a day for curing tonsils pain.
Mix turmeric with honey and apply it on the tonsils to reduce the swollen tonsils.
Mix honey in water and gargle with it for reducing swollen tonsils.
Have 1 tsp of turmeric along with 1 tsp of sugar. Then drink warm milk slowly slowly which will reduce swollen tonsils.

Unknown to me:
Tonsil is cured if banana skin is tied on the neck. (interesting)
For curing tonsils or Diphtheria apply kerosene on the neck with the help of small paint brush. Gargle with buttermilk before and after applying kerosene.

next time i am going to try the new ones....
So don't get surprised(and don't ignore me please) if u see me in office or partying with friends while a Banana skin around my neck instead of my scarf or my chain and pendant....

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