Wednesday, July 30

One Liners I liked !!!

This will be a collection of one liners or ideas i came across in my life at some point of time and dont want to forget.... (a combination of fun , wits, sorrow , pain , love , agony, wisdom ..... )

  • You carry on deforestation , I will do animal slaughter. (a non-vegetarian speaking to a vegetarian)
  • Every person can make some one happy, some by entering a room and some by simply leaving the room.
  • Invention of wheels was not complete till the invention of clutch and brakes.
  • I am gonna make him an offer he can't refuse. (The Godfather)
  • Finance is a gun. Politics is knowing when to pull the trigger. (The Godfather)
  • Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment. (The Godfather)
  • In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns. (The Godfather)
  • Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. (The Godfather)
  • SSDD - Same Shit Different Day (In short ans to the question , Hows life ?? and then u dont have to answer .. same old flat.. same old job/company.. same old profile ....same old salary ; so go for this short cut)
  • Amor espera -- In spanish means "Love waits".
  • Coup De Fou·dre (The Zahir) ---- In French means "the thunderbolt"
  • Adventure Costs and thats why I work .
  • The best thing that happen to us is only during Conversation; (like we fall in love , we propose, we make friends everything is achieved in the cost of Conversation ) So, KEEP TALKING.
  • "Bhai saab aap convince ho gaye ya main aaur bolun." (Jav we met - Kareena's dialouge)
  • A Foodie's point of view " The Ultimate pleasure does not lie in between the two legs but lies in between the two ears"
  • Read this in someone's Orkut Profile Ideal Match section:
    " one with it's tip intact & ignite at the first stroke "
  • " War in the name of Peace is like Screwing in the name of Virginity " - book P. S. I Love You
  • "I am not a Big Fat Panda , I am THE Big Fat Panda" - Po of Kungfu Panda
  • "There is no charge for Awesomeness and Attractiveness." - Master Sifu Kungfu Panda
  • "Past is history , Future is mystery, but present is a Gift.. so it is called Present. " - Master Ugway Kungfu Panda
  • "झुंड बना के चलो .झुंड बना के...मुझे बोलते हुए कोई शर्म नही आती की मैं डरा हुआ हूँ..." - paresh rawal's dialouge in Bhul Bhulaiya when he was really scared of the ghost and stories of ghost.
  • "My dad is the backbone of my Family..... And if my dad is the backbone then mom is the other bones.. all other bones" -- Movie The Castle
  • piyush Audichya: " स्वयं से दूर हो तुम भी, स्वयं से दूर हैं हम भी , बड़े मगरूर हो तुम भी,बड़े मगरूर हैं हम भी , बड़े मशहूर हो तुम भी,बड़े मशहूर हैं हम भी , अतः मजबूर हो तुम भी,अतः मजबूर हैं हम भी ...... Corporate Etiquettes Moulded with team work"

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