Friday, July 25

Little Raindrops !!!

It rained in Hyd !!

I feel it has rained after a decade or so in hyd :(
.... and then the poems / rhymes came to my mind
....the child within me leaps every time i see the little drops of rain
....the way we felt at the start of every academic year in june end/july
....smell of new raincoats with the smell of new notebooks and bags

Oh, where do you come from,
You little drops of rain,
Pitter patter, pitter patter,
Down the window pane?

They won't let me walk,
And they won't let me play,
And they won't let me go
Out of doors at all today.

They put away my playthings
Because I broke them all,
And then they locked up all my bricks,
And took away my ball.

Tell me, little raindrops,
Is that the way you play,
Pitter patter, pitter patter,
All the rainy day?

They say I'm very naughty,
But I've nothing else to do
but sit here at the window;
I should like to play with you.

The little raindrops cannot speak,
But "pitter pitter pat"
Means, "We can play on this side,
Why can't you play on that?"

-- Jane Euphemia Browne

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