Friday, July 18

My (in)Famous ONE-LINERS

  • I am liberal.... but not that much. (context.. a boy coming to stay in a gals room)
  • I know how to flirt.... but there is always scarcity of motivations around. (context.. frns telling me listen to ur heart not to ur mind and let go yourself don't hold)
  • Bring ur family members to party ...if they are handsome and single. (context.... a party organised by some common friends and people were trying to leave the husband(s) out of the party)
  • I am basically a QUIET kind of person (saanth bacche). (context .. in general , but people around me get scandalized every time I say this , so finally I have felt it deserves a place in my one-liners)
  • I hate lieing un-necessarily. (context... when in an introduction I was asked things I hate in people, I had told hypocracy and lieing uncessarily; and everybody laughed.. I wanted to tell them its not a JOKE it was a FACT)
  • I got a FilmFare award. (context... the 1 ltr water bottles in my office pantry actually are so deformed that when u hold then u feel like holding a FilmFare award... )
  • I dont have a husband. (context... a friend saw the lunch box in my hand n told , ohh!! u cook everyday... i answered "yes i have to .. i dont have a husband ;) "
  • I am a Sadist
  • "Thank God I am not in love with 'X' ! " ( me and a friend of mine were in a differnt town for some exam and i relaised there was a guy resembling our class mate Mr. X, i asked her if she also felt the same, once she confirmed i was convinced i was not in love with X ^_^ )

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