Monday, December 29

VastuSastra !!!

VastuSastra - Its an old scientific technique used for architecture and construction.

It is believed that without human interference the Five elements - Earth Fire Water Sky and Air are in perfect harmony with each other. But with human infiltration and construction the balance gets changed.Vastusastra is the science which deals with restoring the balance of the five elements even if some external factor is working on it.

Few handy tips :

1. Prefer a east / north facing plot over a south / west facing one.

2. Prefer a plot of rectangular shape with the north - south side longer than the east - west side.

3. The ratio of north - south side to that of the east - west side should not be more than 2.0

4. If the plot is not a perfect rectangular then go for a plot with north - east side projected. Other projections are not allowed.

5. If a plot has no right angled corners , Prefer a Goumukha plot (plot whose entrance is small and the size increase as u enter the plot) for residential purpose and Singhmukha (just the opposite of Goumukha, with wider entrance and narrower inside) for business purpose.

6. The slope of the plot should be always towards north-east corner i.e. high on south-west corner and height should decrease towards north-east corner.

7. A plot with 2 sides with road is a good plot and a plot with 3 sides road is a very good plot.

8. The entrance of the house should be towards north and east. If north east corner cannot be made as entrance , then south east or north west should be chosen, but never south west.

9. For smaller plots preference for direction should be ENWS (east, north, west , south) . But for bigger plots the preference of direction should be NEWS. i.e. for a smaller plot if north - east cannot be a entrance then the next preference should be given to south - east corner than to north - west and vice-versa for bigger plots.

10. Swastik , Om , Rangoli should be present at the entrance , they are said to get rid of the evil entering the house.

11. Kuldevata , Pratiharis well dressed and decorated ,picture of Cow with calf well fed and decorated with flower garlands should be present near main entrance.

12. There should be a puja room in every house. The ideal location is the north - east corner of the building or north- east corner of any room.

13. Clock should never be placed on southern wall.

14. pictures of ancestors should be placed on south - western walls.

15. South - west side should be preferred for bedrooms.

16. ideal place for master bedroom is south - west corner.

17. north - west , south - east corner should never have master bedroom. north - west corner is for guest-bedrooms south - east is for heating equipments and kitchen.

18. north - west corners of the building / individual rooms are ideal location for toilets.

19. north - east side is for entrance, it should be devoid of all kinds of clutter, toilets, heating devices and electrical devices.

20. person cooking the food in the kitchen and person offering puja should face the east / north direction.

21. Heavy furniture should be placed in the south west corner.

22. Bed should be placed in such a way that while sleeping one should sleep with head towards South or East.

23. the south - west corner should be closed , with no openings at all.

24. north - east is the water element , should be left open(hence good for entrance).

25. South - east is fire element , hence the kitchen.

26. South - west is Earth element , so no heating device or clutters or toilets. Earth element is for strength , so master bedroom should be there giving strength to the relationship between the husband and wife

27. center of any building is for Space / Sky element . it gives emotional balance if left open or maintained less clumsy.

28. north and east have air element,so should have maximum openings (windows, balconies) opening to the two directions.

29. Kitchen should be designed according to one's use, keeping in mind the 3 basic functions we perform in kitchen - Storage, Cooking, Washing.

30. The floor of kitchen should be hard and strong, should not be slippery. It should have marble or Kotah stone but not tiles.

Due to space crunch and increase in the real estate value Vastusastra also gives u certain reliefs.Its not always necessary to have the full house according to vastu , but make sure every room should be vastu complaint.

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