Tuesday, May 4

Sounds !!!

There are certain sounds which always lifts your mood , which always gives kicks for more and more and you cant just go bored hearing it ....

The sound of cuckoo singing on a very hot day
The sound of bangles of a newly wedded, ghoonghat clad bride for her man
The sound of music from a distance
The sound of the first word uttered by a baby
The sound of rain in a desert
The sound of karchi on kadai (ladle on vessel) when someone is affectionately making food for you
The sound of aarti performed during a puja
The sound of anklets heard behind the door when after a hectic day you listen your mom approaching the door to open if for you with a big broad smile
The sound of the voice of your beloved
The sound of sea
The sound of a young river flowing through the rocky terrain
The sound of laughter of young kids
The sound of silence while watching the star studded sky

Dear reader,
These are few things which i can keep listening to for all the while....
post me a comment if else anything strikes you which is not on this list.... will get the list running

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