Friday, May 21

My Ace-Idiot !!!

We all watched the movie 3 idiots , we all liked it, we all could related it to our lives, we all could remember atleast one teacher in our lives who taught us to ‘Ratofy’ (memorise , learn by heart) whatever notes he used to give ,we atleast could remember one student who was jealous enough and greedy enough to score the top position like Chatur in the movie, and we could remember atleast one person like amir khan’s character in the movie.

After the movie 3 idiots , students don’t feel ashamed of being called an idiot by their teachers, rather they feel proud…such is the influence of bolloywood….
But for me the movie 3 idiots and amir khan’s dialouges were more or less like a action reply, a review telecast of a live match….

I also take the liberty of getting influenced by the religion called Bollywood and use the term ‘Idiot’ in the way its now redefined and m proud to tell for me the Ace-idiot is not Amir in the movie but its my Father in my life……

My father might not have used the ‘Cool’ language but the lessons taught are always the same….

He always used to tell me and my sis Life will be good if you think its good because then you get the courage to fight the bad times to make it good …. (Aaall is Well)
He always used to tell “ you should race for two things in life
1. to be a good person in life
2. to gain knowledge “
Whenever I used to go to the cloud 9 for getting a 48 of 50 and topping an exam, he always used to tell “don’t think you topped your test exam in your class and don’t boast your ego, because your race should never be to be the topper. Always remember you are still behind the 100%. Compete with the 100% and not with your fellow students ,that would bring you success . Don’t be satisfied with anything less than that and you would know its not so easy to defeat the 100% and that would always keep you grounded”
(Marks ke liye maat padho Kuch sikhne ke liye padho Safalta Jhak marke tumhare piche aaegi)

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