Wednesday, April 30

My love for Khasta Kachori !!!

Ingredients for stuffing :
1 cup yellow split Moong Dal 

Masala used for stuffing :
1 pinch of Hing / Asafoetida 
1 tbsp Zeera / Cumin seeds
2 tbsp Saunf / Fennel seeds
1 tsp Ajwain / Carom seeds
1 tsp Dhaniya / Coriander seeds
1 tsp Methi / Fenugreek seeds
5/6 red Chilli
1 tbsp Sugar
Salt as per taste
Finely chopped Coriander leaves 
2 tbsp Oil
2 Green Chilli finely chopped (optional ) 

Ingredients for outer shell of kachori :
1 cup Maida / All purpose flour 
1/4 cup Oil / Ghee / Butter 
1 tsp Salt 

For Frying : 
Oil for deep frying : sufficient amount in a wide mouth Kadai / Pan

Step 1 : Preparation for stuffing 
  1. Soak for 30 mins in warm water and cover it. 
  2. By the time the dal is soaked in water we can start with dry roasting the masala (except for hing , salt , sugar and coriander leaves).
  3. Dry Roast it till a beautiful aroma start coming and as the masala turns golden brown keep it out of heat.
  4. Keep it aside till it completely cools down before grinding it to a fine powder.
  5. After 30 mins drain the water out of dal and leave it a strainer for some time.

Step 2 : For the shell 
  1. To make the outer shell of the kachori , mix the flour , salt and oil /ghee with light hands.
  2. The mix would be close to a short crust pastry (not exactly but close)
  3. Now to make dough start by adding water little by little to bring the all the flour together.
  4. Keep the dough softer than what we usually make for rotis.
  5. Do not knead it.
  6. Leave it as it is , Cover it will damp cloth / lid (make sure it not exposed to air at any time)

Step 3 : Ready the Stuffing 
  1. Once the dal is completely dry , coarsely grind it in a hand blender (without any water)
  2. Put 2 tbsp Oil in a pan , add pinch of hing , add the grounded dal , the masala powder , coriander leaves , salt and sugar 
  3. Fry the dal till it turns golden and all the masala is mixed properly with dal
  4. Keep frying till it looks like a dry powder, if it looks too dry sprinkle a little water or add 1 tbsp oil to the mixture.
  5. Keep the stuffing aside till it cools down completely
Step 4 : Making the Kachori ready
  1. Before making kachori lightly knead the dough and bring it together.
  2. Take a small portion of the dough (size of a small lemon) , and using some dry flour in hand make a small cup / bowl like structure to add stuffing
  3. Heap the center of dough with a generous amount of the stuffing 
  4. Close it like we close momo's / modak 
  5. Keep the stuffed portion on a flat surface / rolling base / chakla 
  6. Make sure to keep the side on top which has the seams (the closing side of the peda)
  7. Using fingers start patting the portion and evenly start spreading it to make it a flat tikki (You can also use a rolling pin to flatten it)
  8. Keep it thick 6 - 7 mm thick 


Step 5 : Deep Frying 
  1. When 2 to 3 of the kachoris are ready with stuffing , pour generous amount of oil (1/2 lt) in a flat bottomed pan
  2. Heat it . But it should not be smoking hot . We need it just luke warm. Keep the flame low .
  3. Start adding the kachoris to oil . The kachoris should rise slowly to the top . 
  4. Gently turn the sides of the kachori and keep doing it every 2 mins till both sides turn golden brown.

Tips : 

  1. Quick test to know if oil is in perfect temperature : take a very small / tiny portion of the dough and put it in the oil . If the dough rises to top immediately and turn brown quickly its too hot , DO NOT put the kachoris now , they will be brown on top and under-cooked inside. If the Oil is in correct temperature the kachoris would rise very very slowly to the top and slowly would puff too.
  2. Moin / Oil added to flour : The ratio of flour : oil should be 4 : 1 , ie the oil should be exactly 1/4 of the flour to make the kachoris Khasta .

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