Friday, January 29

Education Vs Literacy !!!

Education is something more than literacy....
we must have come across many 'Padhe likhe Ganwar' in our life the Literates and the 'Anpadh samajhdar' the Educated ones....
so i just thought to jot few examples where i feel like kicking the Literates on the very delicate spots....

1. Breaking queues in billing counters (even during shopping) as if they r only ones in hurry.
2. talking rudely to senior citizens or making fun of them
3. behaving rudely in restaurants with waiters/ bartenders or with their maids at home or the chotu at the chai ka thela
4. When ppl take unnecessary printouts , sometime even dont care to print both sides.
5. Dont care to preserve water , electricity or any natural resource
6. Dont respect someone's personal space by being nosy or poky about matters
7. Run over traffic signals
8. Fear to be near HIV+ people
9. Think its rudeness to ask for a blood test during a arrange marriage
10. When think beauty is only skin deep
11. Behaving like a racist, When more importance is given to people with whiter skin colour
12. Dont respect women at home or outside
13. When people of other sex are nothing more than mere sex toys for them and keep a gaze as if u r stripping in front of them
14. Dont hold a door open for anyone even if they know someone is just behind them
15. When people dont behave sensibly towards people in a group by using a language not understood by all


sharmila said...

I totally agree

Random Thoughts said...

thanks sharmila for agreeing :)